Dana's Land Cruiser Collection
Updated Sun Aug 7 11:33:44 PDT 2011

Due to the passing of a long time friend, his Cruiser collection needs to be sold. Some Cruiser manuals are available, ask if you are interested. I will post the manuals, but in the meantime, ask if you are interested. There are some various manuals for different models of Land Cruisers, included a diesel manual (12 valve).

If you have any questions or are interested in making an offer, please send email to danatlc@kemasa.com or call 805-285-3352.

Firearms (feel free to make an offer):

Click here for Pictures of Firearms

Crossman 38T, .177 cal CO2 pellet gun, revolver, $40
"Blue Streak" 5m/m cal pellet gun, bolt action rifle, $140

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